How To Get Rid Of Paint Stains From Carpet

Stain Removal from carpet

From muddy hiking boots to spilled beverages, your carpet undergoes significant amounts of abuse. That said, regarding spilled paint, you may assume your carpet has at last met its match. Maybe, but not always. You might be able to save your carpet with only water, detergent, and elbow grease. Here’s how.

It’s the stuff of nightmares for almost any DIYer who assumes a weekend house painting project. Despite the fact that you thoroughly protected the floor with painter’s cloths or plastic sheeting, spills and splatters of paint still mysteriously are able to make it to the carpeting underneath. It’s frustrating, to be certain. But the good news is that most of the time, you can still remove paint from carpet only using a handful of everyday home products. So for the moment, postpone searching for new carpets. If the paint remains wet or has already had enough time to set, it’s really worth trying to undo your mishap by pursuing these easy to understand step-by-step cleaning instructions.


  • – Clean rags
  • – Gentle dish detergent
  • – Carpet spot cleaner (if necessary)
  • – Paper towels
  • – Putty knife
  • – Clothes iron or handheld steam cleaner (for dried stains, if required)
  • – Blotting Rag

If you notice the spill immediately, act promptly to take care of it before the color dries.

Blot, Don’t Scrub. Whatever one does, no subject how desperately you want to eliminate paint from carpets, resist the desire to scrub. The very last thing you should do is push the color into the fibers of the carpet. Instead, with newspaper towels (scores of these), lightly blot up as a lot of the paint as possible.

With all or the majority of the excess paint taken care of, you can target more carefully on dealing with the affected area. In a small bowl, combine hot water with a modest amount of dish soap. Dip the corner of the clean rag in the water-and-soap solution, then continue blotting the stain. Begin with the exterior and steadily work toward the middle. If, on the way, moisture accumulates on the carpeting, absorb the liquid with dry towels. Keep blotting until you’ve removed all the paint.

As long as you’re dealing with latex or water-based paint, you will probably see results with the mixture of diluted dish soap and the blotting process. But if you don’t appear to be getting anywhere, remember that you have one other viable option: commercial carpet stain remover. Application techniques vary by solution; make certain to behave according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If you didn’t spot the stain on the carpet until once the paint had dried completely, don’t give up hope. Removing dried paint takes more time, but it’s not impossible to do.

Prior to doing other things, initially clean off any loose, flaking bits of paint with a putty knife making sure not to damage or take off the carpet fibers).

Soak the region. In a little bowl, combine warm water with a small quantity of dish soap. Cautiously put some of the mixture onto the stain, allowing the soapy water to have enough time to penetrate into, and soften, the dried paint.

If the hot, soapy water didn’t work in softening the paint, plan B is to steam the region using the portable cleaner or a clothing iron set to the steam setting. Remember that if you finish up applying an iron, place a wet rag between your carpet and the iron to prevent scorching the fibers.

Given that the dried out paint has loosened, get back to carefully scraping it from the carpet materials, piece by piece. If and when necessary, blot the paint with a wet cloth or dry towels.

When Everything Else Fails. Many individuals have been able to rescue their carpet by following methods defined above. With all the factors at play, however, no technique can be assured to do the job in all cases. If, for all your attempts, some paint deposits still remain, don’t wait to give professional carpet cleaner a go.

Indeed, even though you’re careful, there’s generally an opportunity, however distant, of paint, winding up on the carpeting. It happens to the best people. Sure, an accident like this might damage your day-but it doesn’t have to wreck your carpet

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